Can the Globetrotters beat Lebron James & Miami Heat?

Harlem Globetrotters and the Rookie Referee
agosto 4, 2012
James Harden get crossed up somethinnasty USA Basketball 2012 London Olympics
agosto 4, 2012

Can The Globetrotters Beat Lebron James & Miami Heat?

Can The Globetrotters Beat Lebron James & Miami Heat?
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  1. MrDienerr dice:

    wait they play 400 games a year….?

  2. TsTheKeyToEverything dice:

    The globetrotters have enough players to make about 3 teams

  3. Kir Vazel dice:

    Anyone can beat the Heat if there’s no refs involved. TeeHee.

  4. MrTekman16 dice:

    The heat will have them begging for mercy

  5. xXMish34Xx dice:


  6. TrueMagicTV dice:

    i want to see them play FOR REAL!!!!

  7. tom stevens dice:

    and the one on the right looks be fond of deron williams

  8. qboywv dice:

    Yeah, unless you take in the fact that the stuff they do is staged. NOT saying its takes tons of skill and practice, but its be fond of a circus… with basketballs.

  9. eggybounce dice:

    turn the focus off!

  10. akg098 dice:

    Why do people dislike this video?

  11. LazerJet27 dice:

    I cringed when the small girl reporter messed up her cheesy “You guys didn’t reckon you could get out of here without showing me a new basketball trick, did you?”

  12. MrTre10 dice:

    i was able to meet t.n.t

  13. Luigifan14 dice:

    I want to see the Globetrotters play in the NBA!

  14. CBMaster2 dice:

    Even though they are professional athletes, they don’t train for the same equipment than actual basketball players so they would have no opportunity against pretty much every team in the NBA. They are still fantastic though and I like them :)

  15. LILWEEZYF805 dice:

    they play 400 games a year…?

  16. SK8Asian dice:

    Globe trotters beat the heat

  17. SOD1017bricksquad dice:

    Man da heat will smash da globetrotters

  18. redarrow169 dice:

    he looks be fond of amare stoudemire the one on the left..

  19. firemeyer36 dice:

    The globetrotters wuld ruin Lebron…thumbs up if u agree

  20. TheAlbatronn dice:

    in other words theyd get asshole raped by the heat