[FULL] 2012 USA Basketball Team Press Conference

Sunday, 29 July 2012, 20:26 | Basketball NEWS | 23 Comments | Read 208 Times
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[FULL] 2012 USA Basketball Team Press Conference
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23 responses to "[FULL] 2012 USA Basketball Team Press Conference"

  1. mrdanny09100 says:

    Oczywiście Rose nie zagra. Ma rozdarty ACL. A Wade jest nadal wychodzi z operacji kolana. Btw, Westbrook zawsze wpada na taśmę ziewanie lol.

  2. 7815704 says:

    video vanaf 05:45

  3. mycruzmichio says:

    no dwyane wade???
    no dwight howard??
    no derrick rose??
    no jason kidd??
    what the hell…

  4. En11dj says:

    WTF Rondo, Howard, Rose and D Wade?? All injured?

  5. kylekinnamon1 says:

    YEAH KEVIN MIŁOŚĆ!! GO Timberwolves!!

  6. nathan dunsing says:

    d rose should be there

  7. drswag32 says:

    wheres scalbrine

  8. imadethisforyou619 says:


  9. pilipinogamer says:

    Kobe ma asyst?

  10. x78340 says:

    He doesnt deserve to be there…not excellent enough plus he’s a diva

  11. Phoggy88 says:

    10:02 Kobe sittin als een baas.

  12. Bilecior says:

    Nie chcesz grać …

  13. Aleksandar Andonovski says:

    Caffeinated Content


  14. Mike99296 says:

    d wade wanted money to play

  15. OfficiallyBooked says:

    @jiehad01130825 hes injured

  16. jiehad01130825 says:

    waar is Blake Griffin? Blake Griffin speelt niet alleen voor de VS dreamteam maar hij is in de inleiding

  17. MrWatchmen759 says:

    Zijn jullie dom Wade is een operatie met op zijn been als je naar aanleiding van de NBA in de play-offs zou je weten steeg had letsel ook en Dwight Howard is te druk met zijn vak

  18. jayke connelly says:

    Rose and howard i dont know but wades had to had knee surgery

  19. LeBronWadeBoshify says:

    he didnt want to do it

  20. LeBronWadeBoshify says:

    tous les blessés

  21. thebonka6 says:

    Waar is Kwame Brown?

  22. Yaseem Rana says:

    Wade couldn’t play cause he had his knee drained, and D Rose still has a torn ACL which takes a lot of time to recover from….

  23. DrunkBl47 says:

    @ArklMc have you been living under a rock?


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