Must Watch Ricky Rubio: Teen Timbertroll
abril 30, 2012
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mayo 6, 2012

ricky rubio jersey mojo!

ricky rubio jersey mojo!
sick sick jersey guys. im looking f&#959r ricky rubio autos pm m&#1077 &#1110f u h&#1072&#957&#1077 one….


  1. JJDrains dice:

    thanks bro and that is so sick howd u meet him?

  2. bballchamp017 dice:

    Sick jersey man! I met him this year.

  3. itzkobe11 dice:

    very nice, i am a fan of his.

  4. JJDrains dice:

    oh thats cool do u still have the autogragh?

  5. JJDrains dice:

    yes i am but rubio is one of my fav players. and ppl reckon i look be fond of him.

  6. tradingcards13 dice:

    Are you from Boston?

  7. bballchamp017 dice:

    yes i do

  8. bballchamp017 dice:

    I get autographs at Nets games. I got in the arena early cuz i’m a Nets VIP and when i went down by the court he walked right over to me and signed an autograph. He was nice