Ninja Turtles vs. Temerarios
mayo 6, 2012
Concurso Ricky Rubio.
mayo 6, 2012

Ricky Rubio meets with fans at Cub Foods in Crystal, MN


  1. brjspatd dice:

    bitch be so annoying… smh !

  2. FpSGamesFtW dice:

    That bitch is hit

  3. GeRiGiXXeR600 dice:

    so friggin anoying lol (i would beat the shit out of her ass though :D)

  4. Cruiman24 dice:

    the best

  5. ezioISbozz dice:

    that bitch wants the dick “so terrible”

  6. Phatinium dice:

    1st of all, the man is very handsome!

  7. melissasuxx dice:

    Ricky is MINE!!! ok? I seriously like him so much!! <3 Es que tan lindo!! 😀

  8. DrMeh3 dice:

    For some reason I like watching videos be fond of this more plz!

  9. wweknowitallmichael1 dice: